Fleet Collective is an exciting new project in Dundee, where self-employed creative people can rent space in an open plan studio, it aims to mix the flexibility of being self-employed with the clout of an agency. Over the past few months the building has been undergoing work to make the space suitable. That work is now pretty much complete. Fleet Collective

So, as of today I have a brand new workspace. As part of the Fleet Collective I now have a specific place to go to work (rather than working from home). Also, I can retain my independence whilst gaining the benefit of being able to work together with other members of the collective.

The Chamber Building Old photo of the Chamber Building

The collective is based in the fantastic A-listed Chamber Building in the centre of Dundee. This is a great opportunity to work in an environment full of like minded people and collaborate on some exciting new projects.

Desk at Fleet

So, here's my new desk! It's looking a bit sparse at the moment, but I'm sure I'll have added some more clutter once I've been in for a week or two.

This is a great move for me as until now (with the exception of when I'm working in a clients' office), I've been working from home. Which is great up to a point, but it can be difficult to get yourself in a work mindset when you're in the same room you normally have a beer and watch a movie in or whatever. Also, cabin fever can sometimes set in, and working hours can end up really vague. Another plus is that inviting clients to come to me is now an option (again, my front room didn't really fit the bill here).

Desk at Fleet

Yup, I definitely need to add a few peripherals here. A coffee mug, maybe a couple of books and a pad wouldn't go amiss either...

I've bagged my spot early - only one other tenant beat me to it! The other desks will be filling up over the next month or so. I've a really good feeling about this and am looking forward to a more structured and more inspiring workplace as Fleet gets off the ground.