Welcome to The Cooker. Glad you could stop by. Based in Dundee Scotland, The Cooker is Deryck Wallace - a freelance web and interactive designer. I create gourmet interactive digital media products. Including fresh and tasty website design, iOS apps for iPad and iPhone, Flash applications, games, online advertising, touch-screen kiosks and interactive DVD/CD-Roms.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a project feel free to get in contact by email.

Only the finest free range code and design goes into my work, so you can be sure all work will not only be engaging and eye-catching, but also valid, accessible and search engine friendly. Take a look at some of the tastiest recent work.

Nesta Creative Supporters
NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) were looking for a talented web developer to create a social network for their UK based creative entrepreneur start-ups and trainers. The Cooker designed and styled the CreativeSupporters.org.uk site to tie in visually with their creative entrepreneur toolkit and allow collaboration through an online community.
Krill Bill *
Krill Bill touch screen
The Krill Bill Interactive touch-screen was developed as part of an exhibition at the Discovery Point Visitor Centre in Dundee. It was designed to give school children an insight into the effects of everyday human activity on the Antarctic environment in an entertaining way. You can download the 'Penguin Drop' sub game for Mac OS X and Windows (7.5mb).
The Jewellery Doctor
Jewellery Doctor site
The Jewellery Doctor required both a website and the creation of bespoke presentation software to run information about current promotions on their in store TV displays.
Co-operative/Britannia *
Co-operative Financial Services/Britannia
Designed as part of an event for the Co-operative Financial Services and Britannia the Heritage Tunnel was 9 meters long and displayed a timeline for CFS and Britannia on opposite walls. The full length of each wall was filled with a backlit graphical timeline of each companies history with video footage displayed on plasma screens mounted in the tunnel the walls.
We Can and Must Do Better *
We Can and Must Do Better
Winner of Best use of Interactive Media at the CiB Scotland awards in 2008 and the Silver Screen award in the Professional Education category at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival in 2009. This DVD-Rom produced for the Scottish Government is an educational resource containing materials to help improve educational and life outcomes for looked after children and young people. It combines video audio and text resources in a fluid interface plus a searchable database of downloadable documents.
Food Standards Agency Scotland *
Food Standards Agency Scotland
Three touch screen kiosks were developed for the FSAS to be part of their stand at events including the Royal Highland Show, The Dundee Flower & Food Festival and Taste of Grampian. The aim of the kiosks was to educate children on healthy eating habits and how to store and prepare food safely. The kiosks also recorded evaluation data to show how well participants did playing the games.
* working in conjunction with Speakeasy


Hungry for some succulent interactive Flash? Or are you after a nutritious, accessible site with a CMS to give you control of your sites content? Perhaps you need a meaty media rich touch screen for an event or exhibition, or even a tasty mobile app for iPad or iPhone.

In my larder you'll find ingredients to whet the appetite and make your project extra tasty. Website design and creation, Interactive applications, touch screen kiosks for delivery on both Mac OS X & Windows platforms and print graphics.

With all this plus over 12 years industry experience The Cooker is an ideal choice to work on your web, interactive or print based project.


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NEoN 11 Pop-up shop

October 28, 2011
NEoN '11 is nearly here and I'm waiting for the delivery of some t-shirts which are to be sold at the NEoN pop-up shop (which will be located at venue number 1 on this map).

The shirts will be on sale from the pop-up shop in Chamber East from Saturday 5th November along with these limited edition Law Hill toys by Akinori Oishi and Creo Design.

CottonFoundry t-shirts

Law Hill toy by Akinori Oishi
Aki ロウ ヒル Law Hill Toy

The festival is only a week away now and there's plenty to look forward to. I'm particularly interested in Pecha Kucha which is an event where speakers talk over 20 slides which play for only 20 seconds each - I think this should be made a rule for all presentations, anyone who has ever sat through a dull PowerPoint presentation will surely agree.

Anyway, for more on the festival you can find all the info you need on the NEoN website. And if you can't make it along, I'd still love you to buy a t-shirt ;) Ta!

Fleet Collective

July 08, 2011
Fleet Collective is an exciting new project in Dundee, where self-employed creative people can rent space in an open plan studio, it aims to mix the flexibility of being self-employed with the clout of an agency. Over the past few months the building has been undergoing work to make the space suitable. That work is now pretty much complete. Fleet Collective

So, as of today I have a brand new workspace. As part of the Fleet Collective I now have a specific place to go to work (rather than working from home). Also, I can retain my independence whilst gaining the benefit of being able to work together with other members of the collective.

The Chamber Building Old photo of the Chamber Building

The collective is based in the fantastic A-listed Chamber Building in the centre of Dundee. This is a great opportunity to work in an environment full of like minded people and collaborate on some exciting new projects.

Desk at Fleet

So, here's my new desk! It's looking a bit sparse at the moment, but I'm sure I'll have added some more clutter once I've been in for a week or two.

This is a great move for me as until now (with the exception of when I'm working in a clients' office), I've been working from home. Which is great up to a point, but it can be difficult to get yourself in a work mindset when you're in the same room you normally have a beer and watch a movie in or whatever. Also, cabin fever can sometimes set in, and working hours can end up really vague. Another plus is that inviting clients to come to me is now an option (again, my front room didn't really fit the bill here).

Desk at Fleet

Yup, I definitely need to add a few peripherals here. A coffee mug, maybe a couple of books and a pad wouldn't go amiss either...

I've bagged my spot early - only one other tenant beat me to it! The other desks will be filling up over the next month or so. I've a really good feeling about this and am looking forward to a more structured and more inspiring workplace as Fleet gets off the ground.

Say Hello to new tee's. Moshi Moshi!

February 21, 2011
A new design is now available to buy at Cotton Foundry. The design features an old fashioned telephone character which answers... well... itself in Japanese, which is of course "Moshi moshi" or
"もしもし" even.

Available in a handful of colours for both men and women. So go say "Hello!" to Moshi Moshi! now! :) From £21.00 (approx. €25.00, ¥2,830).

Moshi Moshi design
Moshi Moshi design on Cotton Foundry.
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